Thursday, April 6, 2017

Twenty One Theologians

a little fun Nathan & I had with the
Twenty One Pilots fans in the youth group

1. “And we, too, being called by His will in Christ Jesus, are not justified by ourselves...but by that faith.” – Clement of Rome (?-99, Rome)

2. “Do not have Jesus Christ on your lips and the world in your hearts.” – Ignatius of Antioch (35-108, Syria)

3. “Daily, every moment, prayer is necessary to men.” – Tertullian (155-240, North Africa)

4. “Death has become like a tyrant who has been completely conquered by the legitimate monarch.” – Athanasius (c.296-373, Egypt)

5. “For what am I to myself without You but a guide to my own downfall?” – Augustine (354-430, Hippo)

6. “But man turned his back on the face of God, when in his pride he despised His commands. Yet still God deserted him not in his pride, in that He...appeared in the flesh of our mortality.” – Gregory the Great (540-604, Rome)

7. “What we love we shall grow to resemble.” – Bernard of Clairvaux (1090-1153, France)

8. “If you are looking for the way by which you should go, take Christ, for He Himself is the way.” – Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274, Italy)

9. “Rejoice, that the immortal God is born, so that mortal men may live in eternity.” – Jan Hus (1369-1415, Czech Republic)

10. “When our Lord and Master Jesus Christ said ‘repent,’ He intended that the entire life of the believer should be repentance.” – Martin Luther (1483-1546, Germany)

11. “There is not one blade of grass, there is not one color in this world that is not intended to make us rejoice.” – John Calvin (1509-1564, France)

12. “I sought neither preeminence, glory, or riches; my honor was that Jesus Christ should reign.” – John Knox (1513-1572, Scotland)

13. “But he lacks nothing who possesses God; for God alone suffices.” – Teresa of Ávila (1515-1582, Spain)

14. “Be killing sin or it will be killing you.” – John Owen (1616-1683, England)

15. “Nothing that we are and nothing that we can do enters in the slightest measure into the ground of our acceptance with God. Jesus did it all.” – B.B. Warfield (1851-1921, America)

16. “None of us feels the true love of God until we realize how wicked we are.” – Dorothy Sayers (1893-1957, England)

17. “It is not the strength of your faith, but the object of your faith that actually saves you.” – Tim Keller (1950, America)

18. “God does not protect us from things that harm us. He protects us as we go through them, to the other side of the resurrection, where our real hopes and happiness lie. Now there’s a thought I can cling to.” – Kathy Keller (1950, America)

19. “When Christ is not at the center, all of our good intentions are swallowed up by selfishness.” – Rosaria Butterfield (1962, America)

20. “Death has died in the death of Christ.” – Conrad Mbewe (Present day, Zambia)

21. “I don’t go anywhere. I am sent. All of your moves are guided by the Father for the sake of redemptive history.” – Elias Medeiros (Present day, Brazil)

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